Tidbits About Dashboard Charts

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Dashboard charts are also known as pie charts. They are an important and critical business tool that helps businesses take important strategic decisions with ease. Because of this feature dashboard charts are also known as management dashboards or dashboard reports or information dashboards. Dashboards are the key decision makers for any business enterprise. Nowadays dashboard charts are becoming an essential requirement for almost every company.
We can create dashboard charts using various kinds of tools but the best choice would be to make it in Microsoft Excel because of its universal availability and ease of use. Dashboard charts comprise of a wide range of Micro Charts like bars, bullets, gauges, spark lines scales, pies etc. These traditional elements can also be used to create digital dashboards.

Business benefits associated with using dashboard charts at a glance:

Dashboard gives timely and accurate reports with all the up-to-date information.
Improves business response to the emerging issues and problems.
Allocates resources for monitoring the performance and productivity of the business.
Improves visibility through the help of consolidated data management within the enterprise.

Some general Dashboard making advice and tips:

Use freeze panes so that users do not have to scroll down on dashboard charts.
Use alerts to draw the attention of the users.
Use shapes to make attractive charts.
Try to use symbols in dashboards.

Dashboard charts are also important for the education system. An educational dashboard arranges various data received from various universities, schools, colleges, faculties etc and organizes it.

The right kind of dashboard chart is essential for the successful functioning of any operation. Therefore you need to be extra cautious while choosing dashboard charts to create reports and presentation. They offer features through which large amounts of data can easily be integrated into one chart. The most important benefit associated with dashboard charts is that the software used to create them is available free of cost and is also very easy to use. To conclude, we can say that dashboard charts are the one-stop solution for financial tracking, problem identification and increasing business performance and productivity, all at one glance.
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Tidbits About Dashboard Charts

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    kirsty- 2010/12/03 17:22:10 pm

    Informative article, i liked your dashboard advice list in particular.

This article was published on 2010/11/11